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Should we add a “Made by AI” flair?

Hey /r/wallpaper community! AI has always been a powerful tool when it's applied correctly, and generating imagery is no exception! There are some members who hold the opinion that AI-generated “art” is not art. Let's be clear: that is a perfectly valid opinion! While we encourage meaningful discussion around the subject, we will not tolerate disrespectful behavior. This includes trolling or harassment. Art is the ultimate subjective field, and the notion that anyone is “right” or “wrong” is ridiculous.

To that end, we're interested if our community would benefit from a “Made by AI” flair. Please note that flairs are assigned by the submission poster — not by mods or some automatic system. Reddit's modern website and the popular Reddit Enhancement Suite can supercharge flairs, using them as filters. Don't want to see AI-generated wallpapers anymore? That can be accomplished with a flair.

Feel free to discuss below!

We (the mods) make no promises or timeline based on the results of this poll. While we strive to serve our community, we want to make sure we do so in a manner that helps our community grow. These decisions take time.

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